Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.
Mother Teresa

Monday, January 21, 2013


Off topic all together.... I can't figure out the formatting of this blog. Everything gets mushed together. Ugh. Another day when I have more time to fiddle, I figure it out. Until then, links are broken and paragraphs are mushed. I am getting New Year's Resolutions, which will be highlighted during Lent, together as well as a word for the year (a word to meditate and inspire me). But before I get there, I want to start a new series which I hope will inspire me to blog more often. The series will be reflections on my readings from Sex, Style, and Substance, edited by Hallie Lord (of I love this book and I am going to reread several essays which I read last year, and read the essays that I've not read too! One of my issues is that I have limited time so my reading is done in short spurts which is actually ideal for what I plan to do here... read and reflect to get the most out of it. SO... without further adieu.... I am currently reading Simcha Fisher's essay on motherhood titled "Receiving, Creating, and Letting Go: Motherhood in Body and Soul." She writes: The job that women have, whether we have ever given birth or not: to be a mother to the whole world. God knows the whole world needs us. Wow... this hits me on a few different levels. One-- as an adoptive mama, I do feel that my whole world, aka Mary Jane, Betsy, and dear daddy, need me. They came into my world from the great outside world. Not of my flesh, bone, or blood... but they are part of the world that need me. And then I think beyond just mothering.... my staff at work need me. Not to be a work leader... but sometimes I know that I am the only Christ that these women meet. Half of the women have no religious background or affiliation and it's sad. Now just typing the words that "I am the only Christ".... makes me itchy. To think that I need to be a human example of Christ for someone is beyond comprehension. How can I do that? I am not worthy. I am flawed. BUT... I may be it. I need to be the best example I can be for these women living w/o faith. That's the mother I need to be in the world. One that shows compassion and extends encouragement. I need to show my trust in them and my expectation for success. Loving my sweet daughters is the easy part. Loving the world and being a mother to the world is a greater calling and task, and I need to remain steadfast in my desire to be the best me I can be.

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