Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.
Mother Teresa

Friday, August 27, 2010

Losses big and small

The good loss?

Down some poundage!

Weight: 7.3

Loss since 7/16- 3.5 pounds.

Yes, it's been six weeks and that's really only .5 lbs per week, it is progress!

Let's see if I can get back on the bus and lose at a greater rate. Make that great weight rate :)

Bad loss?

The adoption fell through. Lots of sadness but we are picking up and looking for new options.

"Pole pole you catch the monkey." Peres from Amboeseli.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Baby steps

Baby steps.  A few steps forward.  A few steps not so forward.  And a baby on the way.  Yes, I think we are about two weeks away from meeting our baby.  Sort of surreal.  And as much as my mind remains in babyland, I still want to lose some pre-baby weight.  Ha -- I could say this weight was all gained during my maternity, right?! 

Anyway, here's the stats...and for what it's worth, I am trying to remain positive.

Weight-  0.8
Weekly loss-  +.4
Overall loss-  0.8 

I am not going to waste time talking about my loss and what went well.  I know I need to catapult myself forward and what I've been doing thus far isn't quite enough.

Actually, I take it back...I do want to talk about what didn't work this week-

1-  I ate out at Wood Ranch with my Adoption Mama group.  While I tried to stay on point with healthy eating, I know all the sodium doesn't help.
2-  Hollywood Bowl.  I don't know how bad the eating seemed okay but I was not tracking what I ate so that doesn't help.
3-  I didn't write things down daily.  This is a MUST.  And I keep reading it needs to be done prior to me consuming the food.  I think I should try it.
4-  I drank water but I didn't track it.
5-  No Curves except one day. 
6-  I walked some but didn't track it.
7-  I didn't plan meals.  We were busy and I sort of put it together as I went.  Not a good plan.

So, this week:
1-  I am going to record what I eat before I eat it.
2-  Plan meals.  I've gotta do it.  It saves money, saves time, and overall contributes to weight loss.
3-  Walk 5 miles.
4-  Go to Curves 3 times.
5-  Track 64 oz of water daily.

I am sticking to these five this week.  Good starting point. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Check IN

Weight-  0.4.
Weight Loss-  -1.4! 

It's a start.  A move in the right direction.  I had bigger hopes but it is what it is and I shouldn't self-sabotage because it's under 2, right?! 

I didn't hold true to tracking my food or drinking my water or exercising enough.  It was a tough week.  We met with a pediatrician (yea!) and we saw a pre-school.  Yea!  But walking and exercise took a back seat.  Hard to lose weight without exercise.  I am realizing that more and more.

One accomplishment...I did make it back to Curves for one day!  Yea!  It was tough going back...just the embarrassment of being gone for so long.  Oh well.  Gotta lose my pride and get back on track.

Another accomplishment-  no wheat all weak.   It's been nine days and it's okay :)

Goals for next week:

1-  Drink 64 oz of water and track it daily.
2-  No wheat.  That's a given but I gotta remind myself.
3-  Blog once before Friday.
4-  Walk 5 miles.
5-  Go to Curves three times. 
6-  Nothing but fruit after dinner. 
7-  Nothing to eat after 8 pm.  No matter what!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Confession

Gluten free isn't enough when I gorge myself on ice cream.
Yep....Ice cream.  Bad,  fattening, sugary, dairy fat, ice cream. 

I ate like a carton of it.  I also hid it from Mr. Bunny.  That's a sign of addiction, isn't it.
I am actually sad and ashamed of this action.  Seriously. 

Well, I just threw it all away.   No more temptations.  I can blame it on PMS...but it is what it is and every month I will have PMS and I can't go hiding food or binging. 
Madness must stop.  Today. 

Moving forward quickly :)

Friday Update

24 hours w/no gluten!!

Can I have a cheer, please?
No Gluten, No Gluten, No Gluten for me!

So, my weigh of today, I weigh  --1.6 ( I know what the -- stand invisible blog readers really don't need that info for now!)

I am definitely way up....but on my way down, right folks?

My goals for a month-

1-  Stay gluten free
2-  Eat out no more than 2 x per week.  Better to do less :)
3-  End month at --2.0 (that's nearly 10 pounds)
4-  Walk 20 miles during the month
5-  Go to Curves 10 times.

My goals for next week-
1-  Pack my lunch everyday
2-  Eat a light salad and fruit every night with dinner
3-  End week at --8.3
4-  Walk on Sat, Sun, Mon, Thursday
5-  Curves on Tuesday and Wednesday
6-  Drink 8+ glasses of WATER a day.  Anything else doesn't count!

And here's a goal pic to keep my eye on the prize!  If I stay on track for July, I should be close to this size at the end of the month.  Sure...I will still have a ways to go...but I'll be happy to be HERE!

Thursday, July 1, 2010's on

Who needs cake on the 4th of July?
Not this Silly Bunny! 

Today is July 1st and I am gluten free again!  Our ancestors fought for our freedom so the least I could do is fight for freedom from wheat.  Hehee!! 

I just said no to those store bought muffins someone brought in.  I am serious when I say that they don't even look good.  Drizzled in a sugary sweet caramel colored topping.  No thanks.  An omlette is much more appealing, thankyouverymuch.

Thus far:

July 1-
Coffee w/cream (my indulgence today)
An omlette

On the plan:
I can choose from a rice soup, plain yogurt shake, Greek yogurt w/peaches, grapes, and a necterine.
Someone brought in a sharin' salad...and bunny likes her veggies so I'll have some of that too.

Yea for freedom from wheat!

Monday, June 7, 2010


What is it about age?

I use to be able to be lose weight if I was "good" 85% of the time. The occasional slip up wouldn't really matter.

Not anymore. Consistency is the name of the game.

If I am not consistent, I maintain or.....GAIN!

It's depressing.

It's defeating.

It's discouraging.

Dammit...I've gotta take control.

I am really struggling with understanding what it is I want as a lifestyle.

I stopped going to the Skinny Coach because I couldn't agree w/her "food-aholic" philosophy.

Will I really never eat another piece of cheese? What about a cookie? Never??

I want a life of moderation but can I find a balance of moderation AND consistency that will equal weight loss? Or do I have to cut every thing out all the time?

I am definitely at a cross-roads. I have been tracking my eating via SparkPeople. I'll keep it up until after my birthday (number 38!), and then decide where I go from here.

I yearn to pull on cute jeans and not stress over how they feel.

I yearn for arms that aren't bulging.

I yearn to bounce up steps and not be out of breath.

I yearn for a back that doesn't have back rolls.

I've got to do something....what will it be?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Cook, cook, cook some more

Maybe it should read prep, prep, prep some more.
Either way, I spent Sunday afternoon prepping meals. Kind of like Dream Dinners but for a fraction of the price. Or I think it's a fraction of the price.
Hmmm....Dream Dinners provides approximately 10 meals for $120.
Yep, I think I have it beat. Unfortunately, I didn't separate out the costs of food for the meals vs cost of food for lunches, breakfasts, and snacks when I shopped (I spent just under $200) for two plus weeks of B, L, D and snacks. And yep, it's all WW approved.

So, what did I make (and for the record, this is my memory jogging record so in a months time, I'll be able to look back and remember what worked!):

Cranberry Chicken (cranberry sauce, Catalina dressing, onion soup mix, and chicken breasts. I added a dash of mustard and garlic to change it up a bit). We had this one last night- verdict: yummy but salty. I would like to make it a little less processed tasting. I think I'll ditch the Catalina dressing for OJ and skip the onion soup.)

Trader Joe's Sundried Tomato Chicken Tenders- already prepped. I added red peppers.
It's okay. Nothing special. Two meals. One will be over polenta w/some extra tomato sauce. That should yum it up. Actually, now that I type it, I think it'll try a polenta pizza with it. Hmmm...sort of interesting. The one thing I know I like about it is that it isn't so salty. It is a nice flavor and doesn't have the processed taste of Cranberry Chicken recipe.

Vegetarian stuffed peppers- I am looking forward to these! Perfect for lent. Corn, white beans, chili beans, celery, carrots, onions, tomato sauce, maybe something else. Spiced with Worstershire sauce. A cup of low fat cheese (actually less since Mr. Bunny doesn't like cheese....YES, you read that right!!). You cook them in the slow cooker and top them with Ketchup. Uh, I'll be skipping the Ketchup. I love Ketchup but it's so not good for you. Why would you top veggies w/Ketchup? I may add some tomato sauce of some sort or nothing at all.
For the record, this was suppose to have ground turkey but I needed meatless entry so I added the beans instead. The mix is super yummy so I think it'll be a keeper.

Chicken Soft Tacos- chicken breasts, crushed tomatoes w/chili peppers, a packet of chicken seasoning. I am starting to wonder if I should have left out the taco seasoning. It may be over-powering for my taste.

Cheeseburger soup. I've always wanted to try this one so I am anxious to get it cooked and see if I like it. Can't remember all the ingredients but a few include: celery, onions, ground turkey, cup of low fat cheese, beef broth, tomatoes.

There you have it....meals for two weeks all done in an afternoon. All of the meals are crockpot friendly so I don't have to come home and cook in the afternoon, if I don't want to cook :)

PS- I love spell check. It suggests that crockpot be crackpot!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Giving up.....

See the post below...I am woman and I don't need Weight Wa tchers?

Well, I've given in. I need accountability to get going so here I am.
I am jumping in with both feet.

I weighed in on Friday. My first goal: Lose five pounds by Palm Sunday.

Why Palm Sunday? Spring Training, baby!! Hence, the picture of Mr. Ethier.

I'll be in AZ and it'll be good to be done 5 lbs.

Bigger goal. 20 by my birthday. That's 14 weeks to lose 20 lbs. Totally doable...if I stick with it.

Cheer me on :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lenten fun

So, okay...things on the losing end have not been so good.
The Mr and I headed up to Monterey to pick up a new car (Yea!!) and had a
weekend filled with indulgences.

Perfect timing, though...Lent started yesterday. Lent is one of my favorite yet most somber times of the year. I love the idea of reflection and cleansing. And it fits perfectly with my goal of 50 in 52!

So- here are my plans for this Lenten journey:

1- Eating. Minimize all eating out. If we must eat out, we will do cheap and healthy. Think a slim salad at Baja Fresh. The cheap is to save money and reflect on the indulgences we have taken for granted. The healthy, well, is healthy.

2- Eating. Packed healthy lunches each day. While it isn't necessarily cheap cheap, the KASHI prepared meals are my choice. They are much better and healthier (lower sodium, higher fiber, better ingredients) than the other frozen meals. They cost $3-4 per meal but they'll help me stay focused.

My plan for eating:

B- Gluten free bar and coffee (60)
S/main bfast- Plain yogurt and berries blended as a shake (330)
L- Kashi and an orange (325)
S- Either LUNA bar or Nuts (180)
D- Kashi on Tues and Wed when Mr is in class. Other days either fish or chicken with brown rice, quinoa, bulgar, or yams. (500)
S- Yoplait yummy yogurt (100)

Total calories: ~1500

More to come on Lent later...gotta get work done :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekly Goal

So, my last weekly goal didn't pan out so well.
I got off track.

This week, for the next 7 days:

1- I will drink eight glasses of water a day.
2- I will track all of my meals on Sparkpeople.
3- I will own up to my SkinnyGirl coach and set a weigh in day.

50 in 52.

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important weight!

Yes, minor glitch...I was going to use the word failure but there's no failure here.
I am a work in progress.

I did not report my weight last week.
So I am reporting it today.

I am down 2.4 pounds. Not bad...and on track for 50 in 52 weeks!
In order to stay on track, I'll need to loose another two pounds by 01/31/10.
16 days and two pounds? Easy peasy, right?

Think skinny.

Looking forward to the beginning of Lent. 33 days away.
I'd like to be down five pounds by the beginning of Lent. And then I can use the next forty days to really crank out progress. It's amazing when the mood of the world changes, in preparation for Easter, it's easy to dig in my heels and make progress. I bet I can lose 10 pounds in the six plus weeks of Easter.

If I can make my "predictions" happen, that would be 15 pounds in 11 weeks. Totally doable and totally cool!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Pour some sugar on me.....not!

I took the day off. So indulgent! Made it a four day weekend.
I am also taking of TH and FRI! Yes!!!

I am drinking my coffee....with Coffee Mate and sugarfree sweetener...and listening to the Today Show. I especially liked hearing Robyn Okrant discuss her book, Living Oprah. The idea makes me smile. I have a love/hate relationship with the Queen of Talk (more on that at a later date).
But two segments caused me pause. Both were about weightloss.

One idea....set long term and weekly goals. I like it. It makes sense. I am a list maker and hold myself true to goals....that are realistic.

My long term goal- loose a lb a week for a year!
This week's goal- Post-dinner snack can ONLY BE YOGURT.

I will weigh in every Monday with a new Weekly Goal.

The second segment was Jorge Cruise discussing The Belly Fat Cure. Everything he said, made sense. No sugar=No Belly Fat. I've already experienced this on the Skinny Plan. By cutting sugar, my biggest inch loss was in my belly area.

The most important thing that I learned about sugar from living the Skinny Plan, and it kills me to say it, is cutting sugar makes my cravings go away. That's one reason that WW Points doesn't work well for me. I use points on things that are sugary and then I want more. These past few weeks, I've indulged in sugar. Guess what, I want more more more!

I hate the idea of cutting sugar. With the Skinny Plan, I am suppose to cut artificial sweeteners too. The idea is that they continue to make you want to taste sweetness. As I get back in the Skinny Plan saddle, I am approaching it with limited sugar-free natural sweeteners as a test to see if I can have a little in a latte but still lose my cravings. I'll get back to you and let you know how I fare.

Speaking of saddles and such, I picked up these adorable antique western boots at a flea market yesterday. I love them. As soon as Christmas decorations come day (after Epiphany), the boots will be displayed. So fun!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to use this blog?? Not quite sure.

I have never been good at journaling my food. I am not sure if I'll be good here. It's worth a try, though. I am not sure how I'll use this blog. Only the future...the new decade knows.

My weight loss update will post every Friday. Aside from that, I am not sure what shape this blog'll take.

Stay tuned. It'll be a goofy ride.

Where am I now???

Pictures speak a thousand words, right?

The beginning of the Skinny Plan:


Okay, the then pic isn't the best but I love Clifford the Big Red Dog and wanted to include him.
By the way, I really needed a different bra back then. Where was I-love-her-I-hate-her-Oprah and her bra show back then??

Let's get started....!!!

Welcome, 2010! I have 52 weeks to make the best of you.
My goal- lose a pound a week

If I can meet my goal, I'll be close to my goal weight.

So, how did I get here?? Not my fluffy decision to start blogging about my journey??
Well, it's 9 am on Sunday am and I am groomed and ready to go antiquing with my best friend, Stephanie. I woke up early with the intention of adding another arsenal to my weight loss journey (I'll come back to this.....also, for those concerned about my church attendance, I went to Mass last night!) So, my intention was to pick up the house and scurry off to join (again!) Weight Watchers.

So, why didn't I go? Well, I already am on a life time plan with a private weight loss coach. She has her own program that she's marketed locally and via the web. I want a bit of anonymity (from her) so I won't like you to her site at this point. Anyway, the "Skinny Plan" is working....slowly. But it's working. It's very much like the WW Core Plan. I need to get rid of all the fun stuff (see this is why I am not linking to T's Skinny Plan site...she wants me not to acknowledge that I still want the fun stuff). I've been on her plan for three months or so, and I have consistently loss. That brings me back to the question of why I sought out WW?? Well, the Skinny Plan weighs me only once a month. This once a month approach has left me playing games (reason #2 that I don't want T linked to this page). I thought WW would help me be more accountable on a weekly basis. I do think that it would help...but is it worth paying an additional $40/month?? Not for me, at this time. I am going to blog my journey into success.

Really, I will.