Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.
Mother Teresa

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekly Goal

So, my last weekly goal didn't pan out so well.
I got off track.

This week, for the next 7 days:

1- I will drink eight glasses of water a day.
2- I will track all of my meals on Sparkpeople.
3- I will own up to my SkinnyGirl coach and set a weigh in day.

50 in 52.

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important weight!

Yes, minor glitch...I was going to use the word failure but there's no failure here.
I am a work in progress.

I did not report my weight last week.
So I am reporting it today.

I am down 2.4 pounds. Not bad...and on track for 50 in 52 weeks!
In order to stay on track, I'll need to loose another two pounds by 01/31/10.
16 days and two pounds? Easy peasy, right?

Think skinny.

Looking forward to the beginning of Lent. 33 days away.
I'd like to be down five pounds by the beginning of Lent. And then I can use the next forty days to really crank out progress. It's amazing when the mood of the world changes, in preparation for Easter, it's easy to dig in my heels and make progress. I bet I can lose 10 pounds in the six plus weeks of Easter.

If I can make my "predictions" happen, that would be 15 pounds in 11 weeks. Totally doable and totally cool!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Pour some sugar on me.....not!

I took the day off. So indulgent! Made it a four day weekend.
I am also taking of TH and FRI! Yes!!!

I am drinking my coffee....with Coffee Mate and sugarfree sweetener...and listening to the Today Show. I especially liked hearing Robyn Okrant discuss her book, Living Oprah. The idea makes me smile. I have a love/hate relationship with the Queen of Talk (more on that at a later date).
But two segments caused me pause. Both were about weightloss.

One idea....set long term and weekly goals. I like it. It makes sense. I am a list maker and hold myself true to goals....that are realistic.

My long term goal- loose a lb a week for a year!
This week's goal- Post-dinner snack can ONLY BE YOGURT.

I will weigh in every Monday with a new Weekly Goal.

The second segment was Jorge Cruise discussing The Belly Fat Cure. Everything he said, made sense. No sugar=No Belly Fat. I've already experienced this on the Skinny Plan. By cutting sugar, my biggest inch loss was in my belly area.

The most important thing that I learned about sugar from living the Skinny Plan, and it kills me to say it, is cutting sugar makes my cravings go away. That's one reason that WW Points doesn't work well for me. I use points on things that are sugary and then I want more. These past few weeks, I've indulged in sugar. Guess what, I want more more more!

I hate the idea of cutting sugar. With the Skinny Plan, I am suppose to cut artificial sweeteners too. The idea is that they continue to make you want to taste sweetness. As I get back in the Skinny Plan saddle, I am approaching it with limited sugar-free natural sweeteners as a test to see if I can have a little in a latte but still lose my cravings. I'll get back to you and let you know how I fare.

Speaking of saddles and such, I picked up these adorable antique western boots at a flea market yesterday. I love them. As soon as Christmas decorations come day (after Epiphany), the boots will be displayed. So fun!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

How to use this blog?? Not quite sure.

I have never been good at journaling my food. I am not sure if I'll be good here. It's worth a try, though. I am not sure how I'll use this blog. Only the future...the new decade knows.

My weight loss update will post every Friday. Aside from that, I am not sure what shape this blog'll take.

Stay tuned. It'll be a goofy ride.

Where am I now???

Pictures speak a thousand words, right?

The beginning of the Skinny Plan:


Okay, the then pic isn't the best but I love Clifford the Big Red Dog and wanted to include him.
By the way, I really needed a different bra back then. Where was I-love-her-I-hate-her-Oprah and her bra show back then??

Let's get started....!!!

Welcome, 2010! I have 52 weeks to make the best of you.
My goal- lose a pound a week

If I can meet my goal, I'll be close to my goal weight.

So, how did I get here?? Not my fluffy decision to start blogging about my journey??
Well, it's 9 am on Sunday am and I am groomed and ready to go antiquing with my best friend, Stephanie. I woke up early with the intention of adding another arsenal to my weight loss journey (I'll come back to this.....also, for those concerned about my church attendance, I went to Mass last night!) So, my intention was to pick up the house and scurry off to join (again!) Weight Watchers.

So, why didn't I go? Well, I already am on a life time plan with a private weight loss coach. She has her own program that she's marketed locally and via the web. I want a bit of anonymity (from her) so I won't like you to her site at this point. Anyway, the "Skinny Plan" is working....slowly. But it's working. It's very much like the WW Core Plan. I need to get rid of all the fun stuff (see this is why I am not linking to T's Skinny Plan site...she wants me not to acknowledge that I still want the fun stuff). I've been on her plan for three months or so, and I have consistently loss. That brings me back to the question of why I sought out WW?? Well, the Skinny Plan weighs me only once a month. This once a month approach has left me playing games (reason #2 that I don't want T linked to this page). I thought WW would help me be more accountable on a weekly basis. I do think that it would help...but is it worth paying an additional $40/month?? Not for me, at this time. I am going to blog my journey into success.

Really, I will.