Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.
Mother Teresa

Monday, November 21, 2011

Peace be with you.... and Advent Prayer Buddies, etc.

Peace be with you...
And also with you.

Feels like the end of an era.  A new translation of the Mass.   While I don't have strong views about the actual change of the Mass I do feel frustrated that money and time dedicated to the change. 

I am always conflicted when I criticize the Church... but this feels wrong. 

At a time when the country and the Church could use discipleship and positive programming, I hate that the energy, money, and time were spent in revamping and translating the Mass. 

Perhaps it's an LA thing... but I get a little jealous of the easy access my Protestant friends have to positive programs in their churches and examples of positive role models.  I've attended some MOPS meetings, and while I've been welcomed, I do feel out of place.  By definition, MOPS is not an evangelical or Protestant group but in our area it definitely is both.  I love the positive support and Christian love these moms extend one another. I just wish for this sort of community among Catholic moms.  It's just where I am in my life.

I recently spent a little time searching beyond my parish and found  nothing that was similar to MOPS.   I could use the positive reinforcement of good Christian role moms.  I must say that I get the most positive energy right now from reading Catholic mom blogs.  They've inspired me any many ways.

I guess my point about the change in translation of Mass is that it won't provide for me what I've been searching for... a deeper community of Catholic faith... especially among moms.


I am so excited to partake in Advent Prayer Buddies.  I was part of the Easter exchange. It really provided me with what I yearned for.  A sense of belonging and support.  Although I don't know the women involved, it felt good to be praying with purpose for someone else.  It made my world feel a little smaller which is always nice.


In an effort to be a better Advent Prayer Buddy, I am also dedicating myself to blogging more.  I still have to finish my letter to Mary Jane.  I need share more about Betsy.  I also look forward to using the blog to document my journey to become healthier.   Of course there will be first birthday preparations for MJ to talk about too! 

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