Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.
Mother Teresa

Friday, March 15, 2013


Happy Friday...

1.  This video just ended up in my feed. I love it.  I am so excited for Pope Francis.  I feel his warmth already.

2.  We were excited on Wednesday!  Here's a clip of MJ:

Mary Jane and Pope Francis

I watched a bit of the coverage of the conclave with her and she now seems to be able to identify the difference of a Pope and a Cardinal... but she still thinks everyone is Fr. Jim.

3.  I posted this on FB--- My "Who's on first" moment.... trying to explain to Mary Jane that her new tee shirt says "The Who". Me: It says "The Who". MJ: Mary Jane! Me: No, "The Who". Mary Jane: Besty? Me: No, "The Who". MJ: ME! 

Fun times in toddler land!

4.  Being a mom of two toddlers is so much fun.  That's all :)

5.  I attended  retreat last weekend. It was Created for Care, a Christian retreat for adoptive mamas.  I was blown away... it was so nice to meet women whose hearts understood my heart.  I have so much admiration for the women with huge families.  I feel so blessed by the experience... everything from sharing a car w/a random stranger turned friend to the music we heart... it was moving and inspiring and I do feel like I am a better mom.

6.  In one week, we leave for a family vacation... My parents, sister and her family, and my aunt.  We are all headed to Utah.  It's so exciting!  I can't wait for R and R, and time w/my family.

7.  We are really at a crossroads... I feel badly... I was a bit tough on the mister this week but I feel like we need some certain plans for our future.  Is CA where we want to be or should we move closer to my parents in AZ?  How does someone make these tough decisions?

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