Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.
Mother Teresa

Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Happy Lent... it's been a while since I've logged on.  I had a seven quick takes prepared for last week or perhaps the week before but "bubble nose" entered our home so everything was slightly askew.

For those wondering what "bubble nose" is... it's your common cold among my toddlers.

So onto this week's 7-Q-T:

1-  FINALLY I have two baptized toddlers!! It's crazy making.... the Archdiocese of Los Angeles had me jump through a million hurdles to prove that my sweet peas were "okay" to baptize.  I guess they've had issues in the past w/foster parents (which we never have been) baptizing children that wouldn't be forever with them... .it's crazy that private adopted kiddos had the same scrutiny.  But we did it... it was lovely... and while I was a crazy person pushing to get this done (like for two years!), it was especially sweet because I do believe MJ will remember her special day of entering into the Church.

2-  Fun baptism related story--  So MJ is a bit skiddish and I was worried that she'd freak out during the baptism so I googled YouTube videos so she could watch.  For a 26 month old, she's pretty perceptive and wants to understand things.  So fast forward to the Monday after she was baptized.  We were cuddling in bed in the morning and she proceeded to tell me that she was going to baptize her panda, her monkey, and her giraffe.  She got water and wet their heads down.  Loved it :)  Makes me happy that she has a pleasant association with her first sacrament.

3-  Weight loss is going.... down 3.5 lbs and 4 inches!  Slow progress but in the right direction.

4-  So excited about a retreat next weekend.  I am going to Created For Care in Atlanta.  I am combining the trip and doing business too.  I will hate to be away from my family but I so look forward to some time to reflect on my blessings.  Created for Care is a retreat for Christian moms who've adopted.  (I do get the since that I may be one of few Catholic moms... but I'll wear my faith with pride.)

5-  I'd be remiss not to mention Pope Benedict XVI.  It's funny how I've grown to love and respect him.  I was like a child that was sad when Blessed JP left our earth and I didn't want to have that deep connection to Pope B... but I do and will miss him.

6-  On that note... so excited to watch the conclave unfold.  Exciting times.

7-  Looking forward to a Spring vacation with all of my family.  Utah here we come!  Moab and Bryce.... I hope this SoCal girl doesn't have to deal w/snow but either way it's going to be so nice to spend a quiet week with my entire family.


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  1. I found your blog via QuickTakes a few months ago. I didn't realize you were in SoCal (so am I). That is SO sweet about your daughter baptizing her toys!

    Enjoy the retreat!